Turbo Zone

Turbo Zone is the Philippines’ first reality, TV motoring show, in a magazine format. It features vehicle owners from all social classes, be it Ferrari or Lamborghini owners, or simply, jeepney drivers. Since its inception, it has captured the interest of a large chunk of the motoring public, in the very market it has targeted.

Home Base

Home Base is the Philippines’ leading property, home and interior design, architecture, and lifestyle show. It showcases the country’s biggest property developers and their projects, its impact to the market and the environment.

Weddings TV

Weddings TV is the Philippines’ first wedding magazine show. It features the best wedding suppliers, in and out of the country. Every detail of a wedding is featured, from gowns, tuxedos, wedding venues, videographers, flower arrangements. Anything and everything about wedding is seen in this show.


TriPinas is the newest travel show in the Philippines. Unlike the usual travel shows, TriPinas deals mainly on lesser known destinations, at par with international standards—a testament that the Philippines has a lot more to offer.

The Working Class

The Working Class is a brainchild of MMPI and a brand-new magazine show that will showcase different interests, products and services that aims to make the lives of salaried workers more convenient, enjoyable and efficient. The show also aims to give inspiration by telling the success stories of personalities that are or were once part of the working class.


FoodTrip is a cooking show, designed to feature not only the local, but international cuisine as well. It features personalities from different parts of the globe, celebrities, company executives, and their specialties. Apart form cooking, FoodTrip also deals with issues that guests may bring to the table.


SoundTrip is a musical-talk show that features the best in the Philippine music industry. While its aim is to promote the local music scene, it also features international artists visiting the Philippines.