Crisis Management and Public Relations Strategies

Team MMPI is consulted and advises several companies on strategies, corporate and media imaging, especially on crises scenarios and other issues.


Events management is one of the latest products of Team MMPI. Team MMPI is expanding into events management such as sports, social advocacy, and other lifestyle events.

Corporate AVPs

Team MMPI is behind the audio-visual presentations (AVPs) of several companies in the Philippines, from lifestyle products to real estate properties, and more. As a trusted team in TV production, the AVPs created by Team MMPI has boosted the imaging, marketing and sales efforts of the companies.

TV Commercials and Segment Features

Apart from TV shows, Team MMPI does commercials and segment features. Equipped with the latest industry equipment, Team MMPI executes and delivers in the most creative way possible. Segment features on the other hand, is a value for money strategy only MMPI can offer through its wide array of shows.